Hybrid & EV

About Electric Vehicles….

With the emphasis on cutting emissions and becoming more environmentally friendly, and with improvements in technology, BMW MINI are now producing easily maintained electric and hybrid vehicles. Although they have fewer component parts than standard vehicles, specific training is needed for technicians who work with electric and hybrid so it’s essential that you take your BMW MINI EV or hybrid car to a specialist garage that you can trust, such as P&R BMW.

Our Expertise at P&R BMW….

We are the safest choice for BMW MINI electric and hybrid car repairs and servicing here at P&R BMW and across west london because we have invested in training and in the correct tools and equipment to ensure that we can work safely and effectively. We have EV trained & qualified technicians.

As well as investing in training and technology, we have set aside a dedicated area in our workshop, for working on electric and hybrid vehicles which allows us to maintain the highest levels of safety and to deliver quality work with fast turnaround times for our customers.

To make an enquiry, reservation on your electric or hybrid vehicle or find out more please telephone us on 0208 561 4081 or email on enquiries@prbmw.co.uk